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Stages of Operation

Once the project is finalized and all commercial aspects completed, the engineering team will prepare all bar bending schedules and shop drawings, and get it approved from the consultants. they will prepare all related documents, i.e. Bar Bending Schedules (BBS), optimized cutting lists, tags and give it to the production department.

According to their program and priorities, the production department starts cutting and bending and labeling according to specified standards.

After it is checked by quality control it is sent to the dispatch department who handles the delivery.

The dispatched department, after getting all related documents such as the consignment note, bar bending schedules, according to priority, load the Hiab fitted trailers, send it to the site and offload.

At the end of the production process, all procedures are verified by the customer's engineer to ensure that all requirements are met. Any further requires are handled by our engineering department.

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Stages of Operation